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November 2012

Kid Interviews II

Patagonia Trek Through the Eyes of Alex and Leah

The Kids Shed Some Light on Their Experience in Patagonia . . .


Patagonia Torres del Paine Trek (Chile) November 2012


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Kid Interviews I

Video of Alex and Leah Sharing their Perspective of Colca Canyon

The First in a Series of Video Interviews Featuring the Kids


Colca Canyon Condors (Peru)
October 2012


Up Next -- Patagonia Trek According to Alex and Leah . . .

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Patagonian Penguins

Our "Way Down South" Adventure in Punta Arenas, Chile


We couldn´t possibly journey all the way to the southern edge of Chile (a mere stone´s throw from Antartica) without seeking out a real penguin experience! ¡No problema! The penguin colony of Seno Otway is a mere 65 kilometers from Punta Arenas and easily accessible by car.
We decided to go with the advice of our hostess at our B&B (Terrasur), and hired a driver to take us there and back. Organized tours cost around $90 per person which seemed a bit steep, so we decided to go with the self-guided option. We ended up paying $85 for the 4 of us (all inclusive) - 1/4 of the cost of the full tour, and much better for our budget!

The 90-minute bumpy ride over dirt roads brought us to the colony at 5:30pm which is the time that most penguins have finished fishing for the day and are returning to their nests. We set off on a well marked trail with the hopes of seeing some penguins!

It was WINDY!!

Perfect Timing for a Penguin Parade!

Early November is the time when all 8,000 pairs of penguins are caring for their eggs. We learned that there are no swinging singles in the penguin colony (couples only) and that the males and females take turns - one sitting in the nest with the egg (fasting) and the other eating as much fish as he/she can.

Heading to the nest (burrow)

Burrow in the background

Chilling on the Beach

It was super cool to watch penguins in their natural habitat. We are grateful for this unique opportunity and will certainly remember the experereice as one of the highlights of our time in southern Chile.

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Top 5 things we learned from trekking Torres del Paine

(plus one bonus item)


We just got back from 5 wonderful days trekking through the Torres del Paine national park in southern Chile, and we learned a couple of things along the way. Here they are - in no particular order:

  1. Your camera battery will probably not last for 5 days, with all of the photos that you will want to take. Since there are few plugs in the wilderness, invest in an extra battery (or two), or bring a solar charger with you. Also, make sure that you either bring your battery charger, or the right cable to charge (most newer cameras will allow for recharging via USB cable).
  2. Kids eat a LOT of food. Pack enough to make it through your trek - multiple smaller snack bags are preferable to larger ones. Remember that you will want to eat "one-handed" at lot of times - e.g. as you are walking. Buying food in the refugios is VERY expensive ($4 for a cup of soup, $16 for a lunch) - this adds up very quickly for a family of four.
  3. TDP is extremely windy. We saw gusts of over 60kph (over 35mph). These gusts were enough to get the kids airborne at times - especially with their packs. You need sunglasses to protect your eyes, good headgear to keep your hair out of your face (and keep your ears warm), and be prepared to sit down on the trail when it really blows.
  4. You will meet and make a lot of new friends on the trail (especially when you travel with kids). Have your contact info handy, especially since you will want to exchange photos later (most of our family shots were taken by other people, especially after our camera battery died...)
  5. Finally, this is ALL doable with your family. Sure, it got cold and rainy and windy at times, but Alex and Leah continued to amaze and impress us with their resilience. Your kids will do the same.

  • BONUS: warm heads, fingers, and toes make a BIG difference. But you already knew that...


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