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March 2012

Kid Trip Musings

from Alex and Leah


One of the top 3 questions that we get when we start talking about the trip is "what do your kids think about this?"

Good question - so we thought we would ask A & L directly. Here's what they said:

What will you miss?

  • A: Mostly my friends, but playing on the computer too. And Zillah, our perro negro.
  • L: Our dog Zillah! I don’t want anything to happen to her while we’re gone!

What scares you?

  • A: Going to places we’ve never ever been before.
  • L: That someone might get hurt or die.

What are you looking forward to seeing? (e.g. Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat)

  • A: Great Barrier Reef - it looks awesome and the snorkeling will be epic.
  • L: The big heads on Easter Island - and beautiful sights all over.

What are you looking forward to doing? (e.g. riding horses, bungee jumping)

  • A: Snorkeling, riding horses, and trying new foods.
  • L: Riding horses, and working with pandas and elephants.

Do you think your parents are crazy?

  • A: Pequeño.
  • L: Yeah.

Note: I think that they might have given the same answer here even if we weren't going on the trip!

What do your friends say now?

  • A: That is seems really awesome and they wish they could come.
  • L: That they are really jealous and will miss me a lot. They want to come too.

What do you think your friends will say when you get back?

  • A: Can I see the pictures of you and the baby pandas?
  • L: How was it? Glad you’re back - can I see the pictures?

What do you think you will learn? About people? About places? About food? About yourself?

  • A: People don’t live like we do in America. And that I can do stuff that I didn’t think that I could.
  • L: People do stuff differently than us, and I’ll have to learn to eat new foods.

What do you think will be the hardest part of the trip?

  • A: Adjusting my body clock to different time zones.
  • L: Having to rent our house to people we don’t know; leaving my friends and my dog!

What do you think will be the most fun part of the trip?

  • A: Taking bunches of photos, and going to the panda sanctuary and the Elephant Nature Park!
  • L: Taking care of animals and going to Tahiti.

There you have it - apparently animals figure large in the thoughts of our kids. More to come from A & L as we go forward!

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We're very happy to announce the launch of our own Facebook page for our trip here. We didn't want to just make another place for updates, but in the end, realized that each of the communication methods has it's own advantages:

  1. This blog - great for longer stories, thoughts, and picture galleries.
  2. Our Twitter account - great for quick updates, and retweets from a lot of great folks that we follow.
  3. Van Loen Adventures on FB - great for everything in-between; re-sharing items on FB, medium-length status updates, quick photos - and people who want to follow the trip can get just those updates, and not the other updates from our personal pages.

We've got tons of stuff to publish here, so don't go away (unless it's to go over to our new Facebook page and Like us!)

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