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January 2013

Long time, no talk

A quick update from the field

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One of the "dangers" of travelling is that it's easy to get lost. That's not necessarily a bad thing, depending on the type. For example, getting lost physically can lead to new adventures and the opportunity to meet new people. Recently, we've gotten lost in time. Many days we wake up not knowing what day it is ("Isn't it Monday? No, I think it's Wednesday..."). This too is not a bad problem to have, as long as we remember which day it is that we need to catch our next airplane flight, etc.

This, coupled with our challenges of finding cheap and fast internet access (we will no longer take the unlimited high-speed internet access we have in the States for granted), has resulted in a significant "slacking off" in the blogging area. For those who have Liked our Facebook page, we've been posting pictures and updates over there, but our blog here has been sadly ignored. We are aiming to change that up, now that we are back within wi-fi range. We have a bunch of posts to come, going all the way back to PerĂº for a recap of Noah's epic trek to Choquequirao, our fantastic time exploring Easter Island and Tahiti, having our family come visit for the holidays in New Zealand and Australia, and our adventures in our campervan heading up the Gold Coast from Sydney to Brisbane.

That said, here's a picture from our most recent adventure this morning, when we headed out of Port Douglas north up to the Daintree Rainforest. Through our guide Mick from Daintree Discovery Tours, we learned that this is the oldest old-growth rainforest on the face of the earth, dating back over 100 million years!

We started the day with a boat ride up the Daintree River, looking for crocs and snakes. Unfortunately, after the torrential rains we've had here in the area over the past couple of days (thanks Cyclone Oswald), the crocs were all hanging out elsewhere. Regardless, we had a great time on the river, and did manage to see some snakes in the trees.

After the river, we headed off in a Land Rover to Cassowary Falls, which (after all the rain) was huge!

We swam in the pool under the falls, climbed behind the waterfall, and (after we got out) learned about the huge eels and turtles that live in the pool. Not sure how willing we would have been to jump in if we had know this guy (about 1.5 meters long) was in there too!

It was an amazing morning, and we all learned a lot about the area. We wish that we had more time to explore the rainforest, but we'll have to make a return trip (probably during the Australian winter, when the weather in this area is supposed to be amazing).

Next up, a day snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef!

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