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Leah's Story and Pictures of Animals We have Met in Peru


First of all, this is Leah and I LOVE animals!
One of the best things about being in Peru is that there are animals everywhere! Here are a few of my favorites.

Mr. Gibbs the Bunny

I met Mr. Gibbs at our very first hostal in Cusco. The owner told me that he was named by her daughter for one of the sailors in "Pirates of the Caribbean". My Gibbs was a playful rabbit and totally fine sitting on our laps. There was a garden in the courtyard and Mr. Gibbs liked to go there and eat the plants. I wish I could visit him again.

Socks the Cat

Socks is an interesting cat. She has mysterious patterns on his fur and sometimes knocks things over. Socks lives at a cafe called "The Meeting Place" where she likes to hang out with people and take naps. Socks gets mad when a dog comes inside. I like Socks because whenever she sees us he runs over to welcome us. She likes being curled up on a lap and has a great puuurr.

Mattias the Dalmation

Mattias is a really crazy dog! He belonged to the family we stayed with for a month. He hated fireworks and would do anything to get into our room if he was scared. He liked to jump up on our bed and on people. His hair got on all our clothes! There was a baby gate so that he couldn't get into the kitchen or living room. Zillah is way better behaved but it was nice to have a dog in the house. Mattias was certainly entertaining!
As a thank you and parting gift, we bought Mattias a new ball. I think he liked it a lot! Here is a video.

Federico the Flightless Parrot

On our trek to Machu Picchu we stayed with a family in the Jungle and met Federico. You have to be careful with him since he likes to nibble on your fingers and has a sharp beak. He is also very loud when he squawks. It was fun to hold him. He treated my finger like a tree branch.

Llamas etc.

We have seen lots of llamas and alpacas, sheep, cows, chickens, guinea pigs, and horses as well. Here are a few pictures.

We See Dogs Every Day


Thanks for reading my story about animals!

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Cute! Sounds like you're having quite an adventure. I especially like Frederico, he has an interesting look!

by Aupair

Wow, so many amazing animals! I just love them all! I'm sure the animals love spending time with you too!

by Mim Turnbull

Leah!! I so loved visiting you in Cusco last week!! I'm very happy to read your post about all the amazing animal friends you've met so far on your trip. I especially loved the pictures of the dogs and of the parrot you met on your trek to Machu Picchu! I look forward to reading more about all of your adventures as you travel the world! Keep on writing! = )

by Melissa

I loved reading your story Leah! Great writing and good storytelling. It was fun to see where you live and to see some of your animal friends. You are a natural with animals! I think you might be a veterinarian or perhaps a zoo keeper. I wonder what kind of animals you will see in Chile and Easter Island? I look forward to reading all about it!

by Lisa Falvy

Hi Leah! Thanks for writing a story about all the animals you've encountered so far. All your Seattle Girl Cousins loved seeing them, and you! My favorite was Mattias. He made me think of Dixie, who is very afraid of a lot of things, and has to be veryclosetousatalltimes! It's the Australian Shepherd in her, I know!
I wonder what cool animals are waiting to be discovered in Cambodia? New Zealand? Mongolia??? It would be fun to have a list, and see if you can bond with a new creature in every country or continent.
I miss you a bunch.
Auntie Emily

by Auntie Em

love your post

by Wendy Zhang

wow guys, great trip! im envious but cannot wait to catch up w you and hear about your adventures when you arrive in our fair island of singapore. Take more photos and we love the videos on your site as well!

-Alex, Loretta, Sophie

by mr alex your room mate in seattle

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